Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Teacher Feature: All of 'Em

Greetings.  It’s me — the Wolfstar.  I spent all of February making my way to practice with each of our teachers….and for fun, doing one Primary Series and one Second Series class.  Magically, that worked out to twenty-eight classes for a twenty-eight day month.
Why did I set this crazy plan in motion for myself?  I guess you could say I’m a fan of what we do here at O2 — the practice resonates with me and the community at our studios is just outta this world.  I’m a fool in love and since February 2018 marks the 10th anniversary from when I first set foot in a yoga studio — just so happened to be the one at the corner of Highland and Cedar in Somerville, Massachusetts…you know, the one with the big, purple awning — I wanted to honor this place that has meant so much to me, long before I started working “behind the scenes” as part of the management team.  February 2012 is when I was lucky enough to make that leap, and so this month felt like the right time to honor these milestones.
Here’s what I learned as I practiced with each of our teachers:  O2 Yoga is incredible.  OK, in all fairness, I sort of knew that before.  But this  experience reinforced that long-held opinion of mine by proving itself to be true every time I came to stand at the top of my mat in samastitihi.  It was also a good reminder that breaking out of my patterns and habits — even with something as simple as which yoga class I attend on a Monday — can change the course of my day in really positive ways. That even the newest teachers had so much to teach me.  That no matter how tired I was at the start of practice, by the end I felt like a new woman…and that was all thanks to the movements linked with breath provided by our skilled, dedicated, and wonderful O2 teachers.
I know some of you were following along with my Tour most days, but if you missed some or all of it, here’s the full journey compiled into a Facebook photo album.Aileen_side lunge
Now, I realize that not all of you have the time to undertake a challenge like this one.  Practicing with each of our teachers in a short time frame like this takes a lot of organization, determination, and, of course, total insanity.  But what about a smaller challenge:  why not take a look at the schedule and find a teacher you haven’t practiced with yet and attend his or her class.  Maybe you’re only going to Basics classes — or only going to Power classes — try a class level you haven’t been to in awhile.  Maybe you always practice in Somerville and have yet to make it to Cambridge — switch it up!  I’m not talking about every day, or suggesting you miss all of your favorite classes, but maybe try swapping one of your go-to’s up for something brand new to you and see how that goes.  I bet our teachers will even take a picture with you after class, if you want to mark the occasion in a formal way. Tag us on social media if you decide to do that. I know you’ll have a great practice, no matter what, and that is the main goal in all of this.  And when you’re part of a unique yoga community like O2’s where all of our teachers train with Mimi, it’s so worth it to roll out your mat with a teacher you may not know and realize that you’re in good hands, no matter what.
My 10 Years of Gratitude Tour may now officially be over — but you will see me in class tonight…and probably most days after that.  Why?  Because no matter what kind of day I’m having, yoga makes it better.

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