Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Getting to Know You: Sarah Rose

We are so excited to have added five brand new teachers to our regular schedule this spring, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to each of them.
Today, we’d like you to meet Sarah Rose, the third and final member of #TeamSarah on our teaching staff — and also the final one of our brand-new-five for us to introduce to you.  Herein referred to simply as Sarah, she found her way to O2 back in 2008 (same as Cambridge manager Sarah Wolf!) when she decided to check out the yoga studio down the street from her Somerville apartment.  Before rolling out her mat for the first time, she had a long daydream-like interest in yoga, learning a few poses casually from the internet but without escalating that curiosity to finding an actual studio.  “I heard about yoga from my parents and relatives, who would remark on how the West ‘stole it from us,’ but they never actually practiced themselves,” Sarah said. The game-changer came in the form of a class on positive  psychology she took at Harvard which dealt with forming new habits to create new neural pathways in the brain (“In other words, jump-starting change at the cellular level,” Sarah explained) and that’s what motivated her to do something about her lingering interest in giving yoga a try.
Many years later, she decided to put some action to this notion she’d been nurturing in the back of her mind about pursuing a 200-Hour Teacher Training.  She had a close friend (shout out to Vanessa!) who’d completed Mimi’s TT program in 2013 and couldn’t recommend it enough. “After achieving Reiki Mastership in late 2016, I decided to take the plunge,” Sarah said.  She set her sights on 2018, but with the help of a generous gift from her mother was able to enroll in 2017’s program. “I am endlessly grateful. I feel privileged to have been born into such a wonderful and supportive family,” she said.
Sarah’s intention with doing the training was to go on to become a yoga teacher.  “I had already begun offering my service as a Reiki practitioner to the local community via 1:1 sessions and healing circles.  Yoga and Reiki seem to complement one another well as healing modalities, and both have been such an integral part of my life and my own journey towards healing,” she said.  So it was essentially a no-brainer that she’d audition for Karma. “I wanted to step up to the challenge,” Sarah said, adding, “Teacher Training worked my brain in ways it hasn’t been utilized in years, and it was exciting to me.  Interacting with students, who were amazing and supportive, only made it all the more stimulating. After TT, I decided to go to back to school, and I’m now officially a philosophy student.” Doing Teacher Training taught Sarah many things, but most of all that she was capable and that ignited fire within her lead her back to the land of higher learning.
On her path to be a yoga teacher, Sarah has gotten some great advice, especially this nugget from Elliott: “Be compassionate — not just to others but also to yourself.  You’re still learning. Things will get easier as time progresses, and you’ll notice that your inventory of words will expand.” Now as we are in the early stages of enrolling for the TT Class of 2018, Sarah encourages those looking to evolve to take the same leap she did be part of this already great group of yogis.  “Not only will you learn new things about yoga,” she said, “you will learn new things about yourself. It is an opportunity to grow and evolve, both as a practicing yogi and mentally/spiritually as a human.”
When she’s not at the studio, Sarah is working at Harvard in the office of Technology Development while also pursuing the previously mentioned graduate certificate in Philosophy and Ethics. She’s also a Reiki Master and amateur herbalist.  “Making holistic/alternative health accessible to the community is a passion of mine,” Sarah said. She also dabbles in playing the ukulele, painting, collage-making, and creative writing.
Welcome to the team, Sarah!  We are so looking forward to watching you grow as a teacher and practitioner.  Students, you can join Sarah for 5:30pm Basics in Cambridge every Wednesday evening.  For her full teaching schedule this week, click here.

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